Originally formed in 2003 playing their own material at successful live shows, The Sines’ current line-up of Terry Horlor (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals), Steve Cross (Rhythm and Lead Guitar, vocals), Chris Dunbar (Programming, Production, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass), and Nick Chadwick (Guitar and Keyboards) recorded and will release the band’s first full length studio album in February 2016.

It is their sonic complexity, and sense of drama that garners such attention during their shows, winning them new fans whenever they perform. Their powerful set is filled with intricate harmonies, melodic twin guitar breaks and rich keyboard textures, backed by striking visual effects and a strong onstage presence. A Sines show is a million miles from standard guitar-band live fare and never fails to make an impact.

The songwriting creativity displayed by Horlor, Dunbar and Cross, has produced a diverse set of memorable tracks ranging from the full blooded power and driving guitars of lead single ‘Why?’ and the prog-rock epic ‘Systematically Deceive’, to the laid back Spanish acoustic influences of ‘Tonight’ and ‘Is it Just Me’.

Whilst many of the tracks will be familiar to seasoned fans of the band’s live shows, Chris’ approach to the album’s production has brought an updated slant to the tracks, giving the tracks a harder, contemporary edge.

As Terry says “The new album’s got songs on it that we’ve been playing live for quite a while – but now we’ve taken them to the next level and really made something special. We listen to our old demos now and none of us can believe how far we’ve come”. Chris added “We know this is massive for us – nobody else is doing anything like this. We’re excited to be out there playing it.”